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Deafhood 101 (July)

Deafhood 101 is an introduction to consciousness-raising of the “Deaf Being” through the lens of phonocentric surdinalism of Deaf people. We explore the hidden discourses behind the medical/scientific hegemony controlling the education of Deaf people. We promote better understanding of the unlimited potential of our Deaf people. WIthin our curriculum, we cover the following: surdinalism, Deafhood vs deafness, the Deaf community affected by surdism, Deaf culture status, minorities within the Deaf community, subalterns and what it means, identity, deficit thinking, eugenics, reframing and 1,001 victories. Deafhood 101 is a prerequisite for Deafhood 201. Deafhood 101 is a prerequisite for Deafhood 201.
We offer Deafhood 101 classes using Paddy Ladd’s book, Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood, as a framework. Each class follows a curriculum that is composed of 10 modules totaling 20-hours and can be done in-person or virtually. Classes are typically spread over 4 days in one weekend in-person or over 2 weekends or 3 to 5 weeks online. Classes are facilitated in American Sign Language (ASL) for Deaf people only. 

3-week class

Dates & Times:

July 5th to July 21st. Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. 6p to 8:15p CST


Online (Zoom)



Intended For:

Deaf or Hard of Hearing


ASL Fluency

Last Day To Register:

June 30, 2022

Your Facilitator(s)


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