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Former mission, vision and values of Deafhood Foundation.  Deafhood Foundation has now merged into the Museum of Deaf History, Arts and Culture, Inc (MDHAC) and becomes a program as Deafhood Institute (as of 2023).


Advance and preserve knowledge about Deaf people, their languages, cultures, and experiences in the United States and around the world. 

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Values and endeavors of Deaf people will be embraced.



Honoring the vitality, richness, and diversity of the Deaf community including Culture, Language (ASL, BASL, LSM, other signed languages), Art,  Deaf-Gain/ Sign-Gain Knowledge, History and Values.


Respecting and celebrating the unique attributes, characteristics, perspectives, and communication modalities that make each Deaf and non-Deaf person unique. Foster and encourage goodwill, understanding and respect in the biodiversity of humankind.



Humanizing Deaf People by reframing deafness and freeing the world of audism.


Striving to be a model of diversity, inclusion and equity by ensuring our board, staff, volunteers, and program content reflect the broad range of cultures, education, experiences, expertise, race, realities, and walks of life that constitute our society.


Reflecting all core values in our relationships, strategies and actions.


We expand knowledge, change attitudes, create affirming behaviors, and strengthen beliefs that lead to a place where Deaf people can get closer to experiencing full humanity.  We do this in a variety of ways that include but are not limited to consulting, grant-giving, outreach through education and events, and networking. All our programs address these recurring themes:

Reframing Deafness

Philosophies, ideologies, or viewpoints that associate Deaf people with a loss, or deficit, and are deafness-based (which is a view of Deaf identities in a medical context, where Deaf individuals need to be aided, fixed, or are in need of a cure).

Combatting Audism

Harmful effects of audism are beliefs and attitudes that those who can hear are superior which has led to systematic and individual experiences of discrimination, prejudice and oppression.

Achieving Economic Justice

A need to end the economic exploitation, including cultural appropriation, and high rates of unemployment/ under-employment of Deaf people.

Building a Deaf Ecosystem

Realizing that Deaf people, their values, contributions, and signed languages have a valuable place within society-at-large.

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