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The Future of Deaf People

A 2 hour presentation that explores the experience of a Deaf person and what they undertake in their journey to realize or achieve their potentials. This journey, from cradle to coffin, is one that is oftentimes a path wrought with obstacles (audism, discrimination, or other forms of oppression). Yet, despite these obstacles, the Deaf individual and community finds HOPE in their steadfast collective search for “meaning” and through their achieved 1,001 victories. Thought-provoking and inspiring ideas will focus on how Deaf people can move forward into a bright future utilizing effective framing in their mindset and embracing the use of Deaf values.

Workshop in ASL only.

Dates & Times:

Monday, January 22, 2024. 6p to 8 p CT.


Online (Zoom)



Intended For:

Deaf or Hard of Hearing


ASL Fluency

Last Day To Register:

January 21, 2024

Your Facilitator(s)


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