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Gratitude For 2021, Looking Forward To 2022

Wow! The end of 2021 is already near.

We’ll love to share what the Deafhood Foundation has been up to in 2021 and what we’ll work to achieve in 2022.

Highlights of 2021

2021 was an interesting year for many of us. We faced challenges, learned from our experiences, and developed new ways of offering our programs. Here are the key accomplishments Deafhood Foundation had this year:

  • Hosted 12 events (8 Deafhood 101, 2 Deafhood 201, & 2 Allies In Deafhood).

  • Connected with 146 participants from around the United States.

  • Updated Deafhood 101 Curriculum to be more diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

  • Digitalized Deafhood 101, Deafhood 201, and Allies In Deafhood for online opportunities. Learn more about our courses.

  • Welcomed two new facilitators: DeAnna Swope and Dr. Jenny Gough. Learn more about our facilitators here.

  • Shared our first Deaf Trailblazer series as a tribute to phenomenal Deaf people who contributed to our Deafhood way before the word itself was coined.

A Story

Since DHF started to offer classes in 2012, a total of 1,172 Deaf people took Deafhood 101 which embarked them on a journey of self-discovery and new-found tools to reframe Deafness in their local communities. As a result, we are seeing more engagement and discourses, even legislative activity using a Deaf-centered framework in the last few years. For example, taking a Deafhood class motivated a group of Deaf people to step up and join the Board of the Museum of Deaf History, Arts & Culture (MDHAC), and made changes to ensure that MDHAC will be Deaf-led and Deaf-centered.

A Message From The Executive Director

Plans For 2022

We have some exciting plans for 2022. We’ll focus on:

Like what we’ve accomplished? Like what we’ll achieve in 2022? Please donate to support the Deafhood Foundation’s operations.


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