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Douglas Tilden 5K Walk/Run for Deaf Humanity June 5, 2011


Hello! We have an exciting event coming -- the Douglas Tilden 5K: Walk/ Run for Deaf Humanity! Event Where? Golden Gate Park, San Francisco! The start and finish lines for the walk/run will be adjacent to Peacock Meadow. The route will include two of Douglas Tilden's sculptures at Golden Gate Park. Event For Who? Event is for EVERYONE, including all Deaf people and hearing people! Including kids, seniors and families etc. Can choose to walk or run, all way or some of the way. Event When? Sunday, June 5, 2011. 8 a.m. -12 p.m. 5K walk/run starts at 9 am and entertainment/ speakers start at 10:30 am. Hosted by Who? Four Deaf-centered organizations: 1) Deaf Bilingual Coalition (DBC), 2) Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA), 3) Deafhood Foundation (DHF), 4) San Francisco Club of the Deaf (SFCD). Why have Event? 1) A collaborative fundraiser so DBC, DCARA, DHF, SFCD can continue their programs, services, and/or activities 2) A fun and educational affair that brings together the Deaf community and Signing Allies, and welcomes the mainstream population who may know nothing about Deaf people and sign language. 3) Focus attention what Deaf Humanity means to Deaf people where we see ourselves as whole human beings who are part of a rich cultural community. Also encourage recognition of the major significance/ role that ASL plays in our lives and the need for all of us to work together to eradicate oppression and audism for once and all for all Deaf people. 4) Will celebrate Douglas Tilden's 150th birthday. Tilden was an acclaimed Deaf sculptor who made many statues, some of which sit in the San Francisco Bay Area. There will be a birthday bash to celebrate Tilden's birthday, consisting of an awards ceremony for the winners, motivational speakers, booths and entertainment! Encourage your family, friends, and co-workers to register!! If they can't come, fine, they can still participate by supporting you through the pledge form! Form available online. The person with the highest pledge will win an award!!! Also, if you can't attend, you can still be part of this event in spirit by making a donation! Encourage others to make donations. For more information about the event or how to register, collect pledges or donate, go to See you there!


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