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a paradigm shift

Marvin Miller presenting at NAD Conference,  in Atlanta, GA, July 2013


It is through our programs where Deafhood Foundation expands knowledge, changes attitudes, creates affirming behaviors, and strengthens beliefs that lead to a place where Deaf people can get closer to experiencing full humanity.  We do this in a variety of ways that include but not limited to consulting, grant-giving, outreaching through education and events, and networking. All our programs address these recurring themes: 

  • Reframing Deafness:  Philosophies, ideologies, or viewpoints that associate Deaf people with a loss, or deficit, and are deafness-based (which is a view of Deaf identities in a medical context, where Deaf individuals need to be aided, fixed or are in need of a cure);

  • Combatting Audism:  Harmful effects of audism which are beliefs and attitudes that those who can hear are superior which has led to systematic and individual experiences of discrimination, prejudice and oppression;

  • Achieving Economic Justice:  A need to end the economic exploitation, including cultural appropriation, and high rates of unemployment/ under-employment of Deaf people; and

  • Building a Deaf Ecosystem Within the Larger Ecosystem:  Realizing that Deaf people, their values, contributions, and signed languages has a valuable place within society-at-large.


Deafhood Institute

Offering of classes, workshops, seminars,
professional development, and/or consultations for Deaf people and hearing people in the work to reframe what it means to be Deaf leading toward the advancement of existential and economic justice for all Deaf people.


Deafhood Foundation Grants

Grants are offered by Deafhood Foundation with a focus furthering the Deafhood mission through arts, activism, education, media, and research.


ASL Translations of

Dr. Ladd's Book

With Dr. Paddy Ladd’s support, we are creating translations of his
academic book from written English into American Sign Language (ASL), a language mode that most American Deaf
signers readily receive information.


The Deafhood Monologues 

Works with local communities to produce shows that explores the everyday
lives and experiences of Deaf people through their “eyes & hands”.

Building Plans

Deafhood Conference

In the near future, we hope to offer a
biennial conference at different locations across the United States, providing an opportunity for collective gatherings where
seminars, Deafhood ThinkTank discussions, activism organizing, and the popular Deafhood Banquet will be held.

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