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Melvin "Mel" Patterson explains the meaning of Deafhood. Click for transcript.

Reframing Refreshers

Saturday, Sept 7, 2024. 9a to 4p CT.

Online (Zoom)

PANEL: Impact of Audism

Monday, Sept 9th at 6p CT

Online (Zoom)

Deafhood 101 (Sept)

Saturdays & Sundays, Sept 21st to 29th. 10a to 4p CT

Online (Zoom)


Dr. Paddy Ladd, author of Understanding Deaf Culture: In Search of Deafhood (2003), coined the word Deafhood to describe wholesome ways of being Deaf in spite of medicalized attitudes, discrimination, and oppression. He presented a framework to understand our past, work within the present and plan for the future which the Deafhood Institute works to further. To learn more about his work, please go to Dr. Paddy's Corner.

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